Novocraft Technologies Sdn. Bhd. today announced the worldwide release of NovoWorx™, it’s first Genome Data Management and Analytics Platform. NovoWorx™ is a comprehensive Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data management and analytics platform to meet the growing need for working with large sequencing datasets.


Offering a combination of unique proprietary and third-party software, the platform mainly utilizes Novocraft’s globally recognized software; novoAlign™ and novoSort™ running all its underlying next-generation-sequencing (NGS) bioinformatics pipelines. Researchers may use NovoWorx™ for running whole exome , RNASeq and targeted-sequencing gene panels with ease. Additionally, third party tools are also included for further downstream analyses, making it a comprehensive platform for NGS data processing. The product, which can be accessed via a web browser, provides a user-friendly environment for scientists in labs, clinical research facilities, Pharma and biotech companies to process NGS data without prior computer programming knowledge.


NovoWorx is a culmination of our extensive work with many types of  customers who have sought a more streamlined solution to genome sequence data management. This product brings together the best-of-breed genomics data processing workflows into a satisfying user experience. It’s also the only commercial product on the market that natively supports our internationally recognized NovoAlign and NovoSort programs. The focus of this product is squarely on running accurate pipelines and analyzing results”, said Zayed Albertyn, Bioinformatics Director, Novocraft Technologies.


“Researchers have been looking for an easy-to-use and user friendly solution to analyze NGS data. We responded by introducing NovoWorx, a comprehensive system to manage and analyze complex NGS data with ease,” said Haniza Hashim, Business Development Director at Novocraft Technologies. “We are also in the midst of updating the system with more advanced analytics functions to assist in data interpretation. In terms of affordability, users will only be paying for the pipelines that they need, making the platform very cost-effective especially for small labs and biotech companies.”


NovoWorx will be released as a free trial download or cloud-deployable image for all those who are interested to use without any obligation.

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